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Believe in Yourself

“You have always considered me a good writer and voiced as much. You are ever pushing me towards actually doing it whenever we get talking, more so about it. I am now being called upon to write, yet, all of a sudden, I seem to know so little, especially about it. I mean, I can only think of a few words to start it off with, but I am not sure they are good enough. I don’t know what sort of a writer I am; I have no idea what my writing style is. Do writers have to have a certain style to their writing?” I ended up confiding to a friend after raking my mind over and over on how to write an impressive article worthy of publishing in this website.

“First, I am so glad that someone is finally putting you to task about it,” he replied, “I think it is even better that you are being called upon to just write. So, write whatever comes to mind. You can start with writing about this fear you are battling with right now. After all, it’s all in the mind…”

Was that it? Was I afraid? It definitely got me thinking. Yes, I did have a fear that maybe I wasn’t a good enough writer as most saw me to be. Maybe I wasn’t cut out from the cloth that made it to publication. ‘It’s all in the mind, yes,’ I thought to myself. The mind, is quite the dangerous master but such a wonderful servant if one can get to mastering it.

“Mum, remember what you tell me, if you think you can’t, if you think you can, either way you will be right.”  My daughter’s voice cut right through my thoughts and all those voices of doubt. ‘I do love writing; I have always desired to be a writer. It is how I have always best expressed myself.’

Overcome Your Fears

‘Then what are you afraid of? Just write. Take it one word at a time, you know the drill,’ I pumped myself up, took the bold step and so, here I am. Is the fear gone? I cannot say for sure as I am still hang-up on the fact that I have a few paragraphs up so far. If the fear is still there, it could be of the proverbial journey of a thousand miles that now lies ahead after this first step. With thrill-laced curiosity of where it could get me, I am willing to take another step and another even if I have to do it afraid. Why? Because I want it. I want to meet and dance with the writer in me, I want to engage with readers, I want to test the limits of my mind as I tease the limits in yours as we explore the power of our own minds. Most importantly, if sharing bits of my mind can help with getting another to the wellness of their own, I will gladly give myself.

Change Your Mindset

Dear reader, I do not know what thoughts you struggle with, what fears you battle, what desperate mental states you are in or how far pressed or pushed you feel. I do know, however, that it is possible to attain a beautiful, happy, colorful or whatever your view of a healthy life you envision for yourself; despite the darkness that may seem to surround you, how loud the voices of doubt may be screaming at you or how high the walls may look up to stop you. I do know, however, that it all begins with a changed mindset and allowing a change in perspective. I know it is not easy, no, nothing ever seems to be, but you know what? It is not impossible.

It helps to have someone to walk with, one who can listen without judgement and respond with empathy, genuineness and unconditional positive regard. For where such a friend looks to be non-existent or the bits you need actual psychological care, ‘tis where a professional comes in handy, trained to help you cope and attain your highest level of self. I can only pray, if the fear of reaching out and asking for help creeps up, that you will garner up courage from your depths and just reach out. The help you seek can’t also wait to catch up with you, I promise.

See how a change in thought and perspective can get you going and doing much, if not just enough? Here I am now, just about the end of my write up and all I had to do was change the direction of my thoughts, fix my perspective, breathe and take the first step towards what I believe I can be. I sure do hope to catch you on the next one! Come, let us walk together as we figure it out step by step, breath by breath; see where this story takes us, the lessons we stand to collect and how much wellness we can actually attain for ourselves in this space continuum, where there is in existence myriads of life’s possibilities.

Take Back Control of Your Life

There really is no proper health without mental health. The state of your world outside is often just a reflection of your world inside, as we are inside out not the opposite, outside in. A chaotic, confused, depressed, sad, dysfunctional life only reflects a chaotic, confused, depressed, sad and dysfunctional mental function. Therefore, by fixing our mentalities we fix our realities. Your hopes, dreams and desires matter. Your story matters. You are not wasted space; your life has purpose. You deserve care, you deserve a good and healthy life. You owe it to yourself to get it for you. I hope you get the courage to take the first step and I sure hope you do make it all through. You are stronger than you think and you can so do it! Believe, trust, and whatever you do, never lose hope.

You are loved.


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