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Not so fast

Have you ever just stopped to think…

No. Really. Just stop and think about it… When was the last time you just lay down on the ground, looked up to the skies and just made out shapes in the clouds with no hurry or anxiety of time; looked into the great beyond and just allowed your mind to drift in wonder of the secrets it held? Or maybe at the night’s sky, to stare at the twinkling stars, maybe see if you can make a friend in them to hold conversations about anything and everything with whenever a night can get lonely. Or got up, showered, dressed up for a walk amongst trees, maybe hug one or two? There was a time I thought tree hugging weird until a day dawned where some I was close to, from growing up around and with, had to face the fellers’ blades and I was having a hard time letting go. Didn’t make it any better when I noticed some sap they were producing when fallen and an old man let out that they cry when they fall. I hugged the ones that waited for their turn, imagining how they felt seeing their brothers and sisters fall, knowing they were next. I hoped to show them some love, a sign of re-assurance perhaps that we were not cutting them down because we hated them and a promise to plant others that would be in need of a home.  I shamelessly cried when they fell but that is not the point. The point is, it is not weird to hug a tree and it does feel so good by the way! You should definitely give it a try some time.

To literally just stop and smell a rose and/or roses, have you ever?

Not because you are buying them for whatever purpose but just because. Or whatever flower for that matter. “Ah!” you are probably thinking, “Who has time for any of that?” I think we all should. Spare time for it, to just take in the beauty around us in order to get to the sparks of beauty within us and hopefully offer worthwhile distraction from everything and anything overwhelming around us. I think it would allow our minds much needed relaxation from the fast-paced life we now seem to live in. Ever making rushed decisions in an attempt to beat time, never stopping for a second to just meditate on all the possibilities that one decision can unlock; maybe go over it in our minds and see if we are willing to deal with everything that could get us, whether good or bad because see, I believe that every decision we make is a life decision, making it something we would have to live with for the rest of our lives.

“You are just overthinking it now…”

Maybe. Maybe not.

See, what harm is there ever in assessing risks or possibilities? I think the only risk that would be in that is making informed decisions and setting up paths to somewhere. Imagine walking all over and about this life only to arrive to nowhere? Sounds sad to me, considering all the energy, time and work one has to put in anything really. Because, then we wouldn’t get into relationships just ‘cos and get bitten on our behinds along the way. Please note, relationship to mean with anything right down to the relationship with our very selves. I think it would save on regrets, ugh, I have a special loathing for those especially, the I wish I knew, takes so much to recover and move on from. No? Maybe get time to actually find out, and if not from the without, then the within. I think we’d stand to save ourselves so much pain if we only paid more attention to ourselves. You know, just sit silently and feel about yourself and about everything presenting itself to you. Doubt always means don’t, but then again, how often do we give ourselves the chance, or, do we have to get it, get it all because we want it and we just got to have it and now!? Ah, if only we listened to and paid better attention to ourselves, our true honest feeling about something, mostly gut feeling; but then again, what do you feed your gut? Okay, maybe our heart’s true feeling but then again, it can be a deceiver that one especially if we have it in the wrong place. What is the right place you ask? Well, where your heart is, there your treasure is also.

“Okay… So, what are you rambling on about really? I mean, what is your point?”


Balance between the mind and the heart.

The balance between what we want and what we need. Who we are, who we want to be. Between what we see and what we feel. What we desire, what we hope to be. Hurry, hurry never known to bring a blessing and time, always taken by good things. I know, waiting is not easy, at all! It is treacherous and testing, can be excruciating and borderline depressing but the pride when finally, you withstand the test of time! Tell me if you don’t feel slightly indestructible then. Oh, and the lessons on your belt on how to receive, hold and manage the blessing that you hoped and fought so patiently for. Truly, everything beautiful happens when it is meant to, at its own right time. So, why rush when we have the rest of our lives before us? True, any day could be our last and we should live like it, but imagine dying without ever smelling that rose sticking out on that fence that you did not even notice because well, no time for such. Or never experiencing a cow shaped cloud just because you were in too much of a hurry for life? Imagine dying without having experienced the full potential of your gut feeling? Imagine dying without ever having truly lived. Any who, all am saying is pay attention and take care of yourself, won’t you?


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