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Agatha is a counsellor with an MBA in Global Business and Sustainability from Catholic University of Milan, a BA in Social Sciences from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa and a Diploma in Counselling Psychology from the Amani Counselling Centre. She frequently enjoys laughter with her clients and genuinely engages them in the search for a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships.

She uses an approach that is non-judgmental, warm, empathic, and mindful of the whole self and the individual’s story to help people transform their sorrows to growth. She invites the true authentic self from her clients, empowers them to look within, and guides them through their journey of self-discovery.

She is well-versed in working with children, teens, women, and adults on issues related to family conflict, work stress, lifestyle issues, and post-natal issues.

She believes that therapy is a place where people can explore and work to understand their relationships, motivations, experiences, and emotions in a safe environment, while growing in self-awareness and capacity for fulfilling relationships.

Agatha is a global citizen who values the diversity of people. She is a wife and a mother to two daughters and mentor of many single mothers, refugees, and street children.

In her free time, she offers one on one and group counselling to schools, loves doing charity projects in different places all over Kenya…. Did I say she loves travelling and meeting new people!!