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My name is Agatha, I provide counselling services for teens, young adults, families and couples looking to strengthen their relationships and/or lead fulfilling lives.

I offer a safe, convenient and private space for you and the people in your life to work through complicated relationships and difficult experiences. Whatever your situation may be, I provide a non-judgmental, down-to-earth approach to help you find your way through it.


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I provide all of my services online on a confidential and secure platform that makes it easy for you to get the same high quality care without ever having to commute to my office or look for parking! You just need a good internet connection, a private space to talk, and a web camera or smartphone and we can get started.

Online Counselling Services for children, adolescents, adults, families and couples

Work stress counselling

I can help you tackle career issues, like figuring out a more manageable work-life balance, improving focus and drive, or resolving conflicts and tensions in the workplace. 

Your initial session with your work life supports counsellor is often used to establish a clear understanding of your personal situation and formulate an individualized treatment plan. Together, we will:

  • Identify your habitual anger ‘triggers’ – these may involve certain people, situations, or feelings.
  • Determine how your thought patterns affect your behavior, and show you how adopting new patterns can work to your advantage.
  • Identify new ways to manage stressors in your life, including lifestyle adjustments.
  • Work towards improving your relationship with yourself and others.
  • Identifying what you want from your career. 
  • Address lack of motivation or drive. 
  • Engage on career switching.
  • Analyse your high-stress or pressurizing environments.
  • Manage workplace tension and conflicts.
  • Overcome fear of public speaking or other anxieties associated with workplace activities.

No one on their death bed ever says, "I wish I had spent more time at the office."

Substance abuse / alcohol counselling

I work one-on-one with you to develop goals and strategies for pursuing sobriety — all in a compassionate and confidential environment regardless of your addiction. This will involve addressing mental health issues, behavior patterns and treatment options.

I will walk with you every step of the way.

Post-natal counselling

Do you feel unhappy with your physical appearance? Are you having issues with motivation after having a baby? I help mothers of toddlers and young kids find relief from the constant feelings of failure and blame. Together, we take stock of the damage done to your body, heart and mind and begin the transformative work of repairing your own relationship with yourself.

A little progress each day adds up to big results.

Teen / young adults counselling

You love your teen, but lately, they have not been themselves. You feel like you do not know how to be with them anymore. They seem overwhelmed, worn down, or anxious. The tension is palpable and weighs heavy on your heart. You want to feel like they are living up to their fullest potential. Or maybe you simply want to have fun with your child again and have things feel easier and lighter.

I am a teen, I have a messy room and I don't care.

Anxiety, depression counselling

It’s hard not to feel anxious or depressed these days. By bringing more attention to our internal thoughts and feelings, we can often better understand what fears, defenses, and old wounds may be getting in our way.  Through counselling, get to explore your life experiences and bring unconscious thoughts and patterns into the conscious awareness. We will work collaboratively to overcome your trauma, and you can set the pace. I will provide steady support and gentle challenges as needed to help you feel more like yourself again.

Things change and friends leave, life doesn't stop for anybody.

Stress management / lifestyle counselling

Have you been struggling with finding peace of mind? Are you tired of hunting for happiness and feel like living life every day has become a struggle? Have stress and anxiety taken over your life? Do you find yourself looking at Instagram or Facebook comparing your life to others? Have you forgotten or are struggling to find what is unique, special and wonderful about you? We can address these and other issues to help you rebuild your self-confidence and learn how to cope with life’s pressures.

Just be your beautiful self.

Loss and grief counselling

Society tends only to recognize death as a loss warranting grief. My understanding of grief is far more encompassing; grief is the emotional response to loss, any kind of loss. This could mean the loss of a relationship, a job, or home; the loss of a feeling, of health, security or safety; the loss of an idea, a dream, or the loss of a part of yourself. All of these experiences often result in feelings of depression, anxiety, or confusion, all worthy of support and exploration.

Little by little we let go off loss.

Guidance / career counselling

Adulthood is a transition from parental dependence toward a more independent lifestyle. In a perfect world, we could all have jobs we loved to go to everyday but unfortunately, financial restraints and responsibilities may not give you that option at this point in time. On the other hand, maybe you are having a hard time even deciding what field you want to work in. So many people have trouble choosing a career that will pay the bills and provide personal satisfaction. I can help you chart your way forward.

Never get so busy making a living that you forget making a life.

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